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At Decision City,

We Cause CHANGE by Uncovering Competitive Insights for Clients

We are courageous in breaking the performance back-and-forth by working with executives to develop insights into why the business continues noncompetitive in the marketplace. Our analytical competencies are applied to re-position critical investments for enduring profitability. We collect Big Data, via competitive intelligence or primary research, from rivals in sectors where our client businesses feature prominently. These data form the basis for enduring issues resolutions.

We Train CHANGE AGENTS to Cause Performance Change for Clients

We are committed to changing workforce orientations. We achieve this by working with executives to alter workplace culture, making the workplace orientation world class. To achieve world class orientation, we, as ENABLERS, reconfigure the workforce to think world class by delivering world class management, business, functional, and tactical recruitment and learning and development across board, based on in-house insights developed in conjunction with the HR function and others, such as operations, marketing, IT, and at Board level.

We Secure Enduring Results for Clients

We are committed to achieving measurable results for our clients. These results improve our rating and reputation. Without a doubt, we secure enduring results for client! Our people work hard and smart to identify impediments to success within the micro, market, and macro business environments, develop solution models and design implementation frameworks that are resilient to time, forces and changes in the competitive business environments.

Our Joyful Spirit at Work is Infectious

We love what we do. We love seeing our clients happy when we solve a problem, bringing about the much sought-after change. Despite on-the-job pressure, we are found joyful in spirit. This state of mind deepens our creativity and neighourliness with key contacts within our solutions value chain and ecosystem.

We are Digital, YOUNG and in a Hurry to Cause Disruptive CHANGE

Our people are young and daring in strategic development and execution in Africa. We bring our digital competencies to bear in our drive to position Decision City as the next generation consulting firm emanating from Nigeria, West Africa.

Who We Are

Meet Our Leaders

Nse is the Managing Consultant at Decision City Limited, the Chairperson of Brown Street Limited (a technology startup), and an Executive Director and Member of Governing Council at Research Institute for African Development GLTD. Nse is a Fellow, Institute of…

PROFESSOR ILORI, ADEYINKA ADEKUNLE PH.D (DOMINICA), PH.D (NIGERIA), MCA (UK), MBA, FICANN, FSM,  FCITN, FCIPSM, CTSMP, CSMPN. Prof. Ilori is a Professor of Management Accounting at Babcock University. Prof. is a serial entrepreneur and consultant. He is one of Nigeria’s…

Frank Faleye is a very experienced marketing and sales professional with more than 40 years experience in practice and consulting. He joined our faculty to bring useful insights to Decision City’s consulting practice. We are happy to have a rare…

Barrister Olawale Oreyomi is a pragmatic legal expert that has one many legal battles and contributed to the evolution of the legal practice in Nigeria. He was awarded a Notary Public for his doggedness and professionalism. Barrister Wale doubles as…

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