We Help With Masters and Doctoral Research In Business

Academic research is mandatory across all levels of study at graduate and postgraduate levels. Postgraduate students most times study full-time and, therefore, have the guidance of academic supervisors on their academic works, including independent projects, to satisfy the award of degrees. However, major Universities across the world are now leaning towards part-time and distance learning programmes leading to the awards of Masters and Doctoral degrees and certificates.

Most part-time and distance learning academic programmes are partly taught on online learning management systems, providing students the privilege to study towards a degree or certificate while maintaining fulltime employment.

Part-time and distance learning students do not have the same learning privileges as fulltime, on-campus, students. Examples of these privileges are the availability of world class libraries for research and world class lecturers for teaching and guidance, especially during independent field projects necessary for the award of degrees and certificates.

These setbacks create a gap in research skills. This is the major reason why many students are unable to graduate, earn their degrees and certificates.

Decision City fills this gap in research skills. We work with clients to understand their research project needs and go to work to gather and analyse primary and secondary data, using known research methods applicable to client schools, as this is different across Universities in Europe and America.

Over the years, we have worked with students from various Universities in the UK to earn their postgraduate degrees. Value is earned at every stage of the project when project supervisors acknowledge competent work done, sometimes requiring reworking to meet University guidelines. The acceptance of the project report marks the height of value for our clients.

We strive to communicate with our clients at every stage of the project to obtain feedback on University requirements. Feedbacks obtained are used to further the research work.

At Decision City, the graduation of our clients at MBA, M.Sc., Ph.D, and DBA levels is the beginning of the life-changing transformation of our clients. These degrees lead to promotions at, the beginning of new careers, and self accomplishment. We are happy seeing the smiles in the faces of our clients.