If you find out when and where your business needs to go and how to get there – then the real progress is made.

At Decision City, our advise to clients follow excellent problem analysis and ownership. Based on problems identified, a mix of methods are utilised in problem analysis and solution modelling, using the following five analytics structure:

  1. Descriptive analysis
  2. Diagnostic analysis
  3. Predictive analysis
  4. Prescriptive analysis
  5. Adaptive and autonomous analysis.

The outcome of descriptive analysis follows advise on what happened based on historical data examined. The use of diagnostic analysis permits us to advise our clients on trends and outcomes of issues analysed. This helps us clarify issues with our clients on why the issues occurred in the first. We are able to use predictive analysis to forecast future occurrence based on known past events, thus helping our clients understand fully what could happen is our recommendations (prescriptive analysis) are not implemented. This insight clarifies what must be done to assuage the problem. Adaptive (in few cases autonomous) analysis might be introduced to help our clients monitor, decide, and act on recommendations while monitoring results and adjusting strategies accordingly.

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