We Analyse the Competitiveness of your Business

Business analytics is core to our operations. There is increased need to evaluate the competitiveness of your business. Business analysis involves evaluating the competitiveness of your business. The business is the mission of an organisation at work and is second in organisational structure preceded by the corporate, followed by the functional departments. At business level, business strategies are crafted to support individual product-markets. What this means is that each product or services developed by your organisation is focused on specific markets where similar and dissimilar buyers and sellers exist, with or without regulation.

If your product or service has many sellers offering similar products, you are in a competitive market. If your product or service is in a market free from or with fewer competition(s), you are in a monopolistic or niche market. Different strategies are required at all ends of the markets to survive and achieve sustainable business advantages. However, challenges exist at product and market levels.

Product development requires knowledge of consumer needs and wants. Consumer and competitor research and analytics, our other core solutions, are critical to every successful product launch and its lifecycle in the marketplace. Many products in the markets are rushed to the market. The era of mass production and mass marketing are over in competitive economies, except in monopolistic markets. Consumers are now very knowledgeable and demand quality at the right price to earn their satisfaction and loyalty. Issues thrown up here include product quality, product pricing, product differentiation, product segmentation, product promotion, and product channel development.

Consumers are now upwardly mobile requiring the right marketing mix to gain from their disposable incomes. Many organisations suffering poor competitiveness, compliance issues, low sales, revenues, and profits are not getting product, buyer, and competitors’ issues managed successfully by in-house managers, hence the loss of brand equities and poor competitiveness of the firm’s strategic business units.

At Decision City, we are strategic management experts able to design and execute strategies. As value discovery consultants, we offer immediate value in our conversations with prospective clients. We strive to understand the complexity of the issue as well as the simplicity or complexity of the organisation and its processes. Having spoken to key stakeholders, we return to the office or the streets to research and model sustainable solutions for clients.

Value start from the first conversation with clients, typically. Depending on what we diagnose as the challenge facing the loss of competitiveness of our client, we look deeper into organisational data and align our external findings to these. Value is, therefore, discovered at primary and secondary data analyses of quantitative and qualitative variables.

Value discovered at every phase of our work is documented and presented to our clients. Following the completion of our business analytics process, a detailed report specifying actionable recommendations are provided for client’s execution.

Transformation occurs when our client’s challenges are resolved upon application of our recommendations. Where the client requires addition support during implementation, we are glad to discuss this further, as this will sustainably resolve all challenges, having owned and communicated the process. Very important to the transformation process is knowledge transfer. We are glad to work with client’s personnel at every stage of the value implementation process, as knowledge gained will gradually evolve our clients to a learning organisation, as training or learning and development is at the heart of our operations at Decision City.