We Study The Behaviours of Buyers

At Decision City, we understand the importance of customer experience and customer loyalty. The purpose of existence of all organisations is to serve the customer by creating lasting experiences in the minds of buyers.

Acquiring and maintaining the customer involves significant cost and expertise, hence the importance of grouping buyers, based on value obtainable, and estimating customer long term value. Since customer switching cost is costly to a brand, necessity is laid on management to position a brand according to customer group profiles. Segmentation is a necessary process to group buyers according to purchase patterns and demography.

The rates at which buyers switch manufacturers and service providers are alarming, especially in today’s knowledge economy where the customers are ever more aware of their needs, wants, and rights. Mass marketing strategies where manufacturers flood the market with substandard goods are being replaced with more customer-focused marketing models. As customers converge on social media they are being influenced very strongly by peers and family members.  Buyer behaviour towards a brand is affected by what they hear and see. Customers are now strongly motivated towards obtaining the highest quality of products and services at the right price. And, because a growing disconnect exists between manufacturers and buyers revenues and profits are affected. It is very important today, than ever in history, to get to know your buyers – their wants, needs, culture, and social affiliations – for effective brand positioning.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we take a consultative approach at all times. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments dynamics. We also understudy the changes in the market structure as it affects the immediate client project being undertaken by Decision City.

In customer analysis projects, we begin by clarifying the problem by speaking with the affected group, subsidiary, department and unit heads, to understand how consumer behaviour impede financial performance and the competitiveness of existing brands and strategy of the client organisation.

To get to the root of customer issues, we apply a 2-pronged approach – surveys and consumer focus group sessions. The use of survey research method aids the understanding of customer group by capturing demographic details, purchase patterns, influencers, perception metrics, visibility metrics, experience metrics, loyalty metrics, as well as availability metrics. We strive to get the questions and sample size right and representative of the universe of customers owned by the client for the research approach to be deemed valid and reliable.

We use the focused group sessions to obtain experiential data. To keep the cost of selecting and inviting participants low, we usually propose geographical convergence and reward for participation. We also usually attempt representativeness of customers even though this may not be feasible in this type of study. The interview process is recorded for careful analysis of the contributions of participants across all metrics reviewed as expressed above.

The data obtained following consumer survey and focused group sessions are statistically analysed and visualised and the report documented and sent to the relevant personnel and department that we are assigned to report to, based on the terms of contract.

The report of the process is developed, documented, and delivered to the relevant personnel whom we are assigned to report to, based on the terms of contract.

Our recommendations for issues resolution are first of all strategic, helping decision makers to understand and take corrective actions to resolve revenue, cost, and compliance issues.

We also typically make recommendation for learning and development programmes, as part of the report’s implementation programmes, for the implementation teams and heads of affected departments or units that has ownership of the problem being resolved, since we also have exceedingly strong competence in this direction.

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