This executive learning service was offered, working with my partners, to the leadership of Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) Nigeria, at Murtala Mohammed International Local Airport conference hall. The task involved facilitating how to set strategic direction for the Bureau, in its quest to transform its corporate governance. This means rediscovering the vision, mission, and objectives of the Bureau, in line with International Civil Aviation Organisation guidelines and emergency services around the world. We were to localise international principles of Accident investigation bureaus to benchmark international best practices in emergency handling in the aviation sector.


We worked with our client in researching best practices, developing executive learning curriculum, and facilitated the sessions, with the leadership of the Bureau present. We stimulated breakout sessions to evaluate best practices and to define new direction for Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB).

Services Provided
  • Accident Investigation Benchmarks
  • Strategic Direction Redefinition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness

The outcome was satisfactory to the leadership of AIB, as particpants rated the sessions’ impact highly. We were privileged to guide effective strategic planning session in the presence of the Board of the Bureau.