This executive learning programme was offered to Ogun State Public Service Transformation Office (PSTO) of the Government to broaden participant’s management consulting expertise within public administration. This task involved understanding the challenges of the department and sister functions face in consulting for the Government of Ogun State, Nigeria.


We developed the curriculum, course content and delivered a 2-day impact-driven strategic management approach to management consulting, with the Permanent Secretary and other top dignitaries in attendance. Management knowledge was simplified and planning sessions incorporated, using universally acceptable analytics tools and techniques.

Services Provided
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Improvement
  • Team Leadership + Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Change Management

The result was impressive, as participants readily understood the tools and techniques and proved readier to utilise new knowledge to improve work processes whilst aiding government programmes with improved planning tool and techniques. The Permanent Secretary and his top planners were satisfied with the content and delivery techniques which aided a new moment for the Service since, according to the Permanent Secretary, planning and analytics skills have been lacking in the Service for so long.