We Facilitate and Rapporteur Conferences

Moderators, facilitators, and rapporteurs are increasingly needed at meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, and strategic planning retreats to guide discussions around defined agendas and to generate actionable reports to event planners. When needed at conferences, subject matter experts with facilitating experience aid guest speakers and participants in the audience to evolve critical insights necessary to the attainment of conference objectives. At strategic planning sessions, moderators with extant management and strategy experience are key in guiding and evolving new knowledge that guide decision making and managerial effectiveness.

Moderators, facilitators, and rapporteurs with relevant skills are scarce human resources. Amidst the few moderators and rapporteurs are individuals without passion for the job and an unfair  history of teaching and solving management and business related problems. Even more disturbing is worrisome reporting skills, inability to work either alone or within a team, not meeting reporting deadline as well as the inability to use modern tools and techniques to facilitate how moderation and rapporteurs’ work is done.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we review our client’s request and work with them to develop the best moderation and rapporteur guidelines. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments dynamics. We also understudy the changes in the event’s structure as it affects the immediate client project to be undertaken by Decision City..

We win with the client on consultation. Value is discovered at solution modelling phase and during the event. We strive to extract the best from participants and report on the best outcomes within guidelines given.

During the session, we communicate effective value drawn from broad teaching and consulting experience to value-propel knowledge building processes one session at a time. The value from the entire sessions is transmitted, in a report format, to the responsible decision maker and department.

The report generated and delivered provides actionable insights to give boost to decision making effectiveness in line with event goals and objectives.