This consultation service was offered to Foneworx South Africa towards its market expansion drive to Nigeria through its Nigerian subsidiary, Foneworx Nigeria. This task involved market research to determine if there was market for its E-Fax product in Nigeria, following its strategic assets deployment.


As part of our mandate, we conducted market research across Lagos State, Nigeria, through our sister company, Brown Street Limited. We also led test selling where select individuals and organisations were configured on their platform with localised electronic fax numbers. Following the successful test marketing, we developed a comprehensive sales plan to simulate expected future sales.

Services Provided
  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Strategic Management Consultation
  • E-Fax Test Marketing
  • Organizational Effectiveness

The successes recorded was short lived, as management decided to put on hold the commencement of the Nigerian E-Fax subsidiary. This would have further boosted the monopoly of the Foneworx brand, as the government telecom company offering fax solutions was ineffective. We hope that a future consideration will be given to this new, non-existing market in Nigeria.