At Decision City, we take a consultative approach to discovering value for clients. To achieve this, we strive to understand the minute details as they add up to the whole. This means that when the sales function is not driving revenue, the financial outlook of the whole organisation is jeopardised and, therefore, unable to meet shareholder requirements for a profitable enterprise.

Whilst getting to the root of problems matter, relationships down the line are fostered to deepen clarity and ownership of the problem across functional departments and business units. Problem discovery goes full throttle as we speak with key personnel and formulate hypothesis to aid deeper understanding of the issues.

Data gathered are analysed by our team to identify solutions. At solutions discovery phase of our work, we spend valuable manhours investigating best practices across the world in similar industries and strategic groups wherever they are found. These identified solutions are mapped to personnel, functional units, and business units, as the case may be.

A detailed report of these findings and mappings are communicated to the contact person in the client organisation for implementation. Where we are called upon to intervene in process or programme execution, we are always glad to express technical and financial interests.