At Decision City, great ideas are a function of hard and smart work. Hard work results from painstaking research into secondary literature – professional and academic. Smart work results from understudying strategic groups locally and abroad for competitive intelligence into previous, current and immediate future of work at those organisations similar to our client’s.

The spark of ingenuity results from careful daytime and nighttime meditation. We reflect on our client’s situation and crave a positive change in business outcomes. In our networking meetings of fellow consultants we bring these to the fore for ideas convergence through focused brainstorming. Where a focused consumer meeting is necessary, we deploy such strategies to evolve green, innovative ideas.

While our clients go to sleep, we are hard at work to demonstrate our capability in evolving corporate solutions to stand the test of time. No wonder our clients believe in us and are averse to repeat consultation, thus increasing our creative value.

We invite you to discover value with us!