We Train And Develop Your Workforce

At Decision City we place a premium on learning and development. We understand that knowledge is the new gold and most valued company asset. Knowledge aids business process, boost competitiveness, aids customer satisfaction, causes innovation that translates to revenue and profits. Knowledge drivers are human capital, hence the criticality of learning and development for employees and management.

Organisations that give priority attention to learning and development are very creative and innovative in their approach to business. Organisational learning is a continuous activity that keeps employees and managers aware of happenings in the workplace, its industry, and the macro environment that wields the most impact.

Many organisations struggle to improve and sustain performance. Whereas employee training is important to aiding performance, its continuity sustains performance in today’s changing business environment. Training begins when a new employee resumes at the company, where he gets acquainted with the organisation, its processes and business policies. Managers and supervisors continue the learning process through coaching and mentoring to optimise the potential of the personnel. Where performance gaps exist in the employee development process, managers and supervisors are in place to provide coaching. Consultants are invited to further provide necessary training to inculcate knowledge from an external, impartial perspective, using innovative learning techniques, as organisations try to evolve a learning culture.

Managers, on the other hand, are the reasons for the success of organisations. They need also to be developed into super humans that they are. To this end management development programmes take a different pattern from those of employees. These programmes are aimed at facilitating improvements in decision making via scenario-building enriched programmes, employee relations through behavioural studies, risk management to aid cost minimisation, strategic planning to improve revenue thinking, and competition studies to aid in protecting company positions. Where these are lacking, a weak void is created that rivals in marketplaces are quick to see and take advantage of. Unfortunately, gaps exists in these and more organisational performance metrics.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we take a consultative approach at all times. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments dynamics. We also understudy the changes in the market structure as it affects the immediate client project being undertaken by Decision City.

At Decision City, we try at all times to consult as wide as possible to understand the problem needing solution. We take a look at the history of the problem and get to work to discover the solution. We then work with the affected department to develop the right learning curriculum for all courses and coaching solutions for result-oriented learning and development programmes. These programmes are bespoke and may be facilitated in-company or at a convenient location central to participants for timeliness and comfort. Participants are selected through tests of current know-how’s, interviews, and recommendations by direct bosses.

We further consult with our Faculty to get the best hands with the right experience and teaching skills. All hands are then brought on deck to design the curriculum and the art of teaching the courses and implementing the coaching programmes. The courses are then demoed with the Faculty present online, in the office, or selected convenience locations for conference interventions to simulate classes as well as to query the robustness or not of contents, presentation slides, and art of teaching.

In all value discovery stages, the client is communicated for buy-in and internal communication of participants. We transmit pre-course contents for reading and assimilation leading to the training date. The venue is also communicated and agreed and the audio-visuals and other electronic functionalities are put in place, if non-existent.

Following our preparedness, we go to class to deliver world class learning and development programmes with post-learning reviews and communication with participants to determine how knowledge is put to work. Our sessions consist of breakout sessions where participants are grouped together for case analysis. Cases may be written and/or video, depending on the programmes and class of participants. We also revert to the responsible department to determine how our participants are changing and applying knowledge gained from the learning and development sessions. Insights gained motivate our continued communication with participants to refreeze learning.

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