This service is ongoing for ONDERNEMERSSCHOOL.BV (www.coursle.com) of the Netherlands to develop, at the moment with opportunities for more, a Risk Management Course for its European, North American and global learning outreach. On completion of the Course Development, learning happens remotely while teaching and grading rests with Decision City’s Managing Consultant. This is to facilitate the entrepreneurial skills of global learners enrolled for the course..


Decision City’s Managing Consultant is tasked with the responsibility of developing Risk Management Course for Coursle.Com Netherland for its global learning population, in addition to teaching, mentoring, and developing entrepreneurial skillsets in learners.

Services Provided
  • Risk Management Course Development
  • Risk Management Teaching and Scoring
  • Online Risk Management Mentoring
  • Team Leadership + Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development

Contract has been signed, risk management course development process is ongoing, as well as the process of completing our Managing Consultant’s registration as a Professional Teacher in the Netherlands in the officially recognised teacher’s register at Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (www.CRKBO.nl) in the Netherlands, for result-oriented learning.