We Transform The Sales Function

At Decision City, we understand very clearly the importance of sales, and the resulting revenues, to the profitability of your organisation. The sales function is arguably the most critical of the totality of functions of an organisation. It is the bedrock upon which business sustainability is engraved. No organisation with the right management team will sit comfortably when bankruptcy stares at the faces of key stakeholders. Selling is an art and salespeople need to be made aware of the consequences of their actions and inactions.

Whilst the sales teams are recruited and provided with routes to market, they are more often left to clarify approaches using own intuition and those of colleagues. The result is a lack of motivation when confronted with cold calls and inability to get past gatekeepers to decision makers. A common challenge we have come across in our experience is saleforce’s lack of product and service knowledge and the professional courtesies or steps to call required of such high ranking company representatives when approaching sales. We have also noticed indifference to market undercutting activities of key distributors and poor visibility arrangement of company products and visibility collaterals in distributors’ and retailers’ outlets.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we take a consultative approach at all times. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments dynamics. We also understudy the changes in the market structure as it affects the immediate client project being undertaken by Decision City.

At Decision City, we take a consultative approach to understanding client challenges. This typically requires us to conduct primary research through interviews or surveys within the client’s sales function and the finance department, to further relate sales financially. We then proceed to the streets with the test sales team for 2 to 4 weeks, to determine individual salesperson’s approach to sales, and then we speak to distributors, retailers and consumers about sales process perception and consumption patterns.

We put our solutions model to work by approaching organisation contacts and scheduling appointments to collect data. Immediately following the in-house study is the market review of the steps to call of salespeople, to model their sales approach and behaviours towards sales to individuals and entities belonging to the firm’s value chain, supply chain, or sales channel – suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, brokers, retailers, and consumers.

The data collected from the sales study is analysed statistically to obtain an impartial insight that will be owned by the client. The insights are visualised and transmitted to the responsible personnel, based on the terms of contract.

The insight obtained is reported upon. Our recommendations for issues resolution are first of all strategic, helping decision makers to understand and take corrective actions to resolve revenue, cost, and compliance issues.

We also typically make recommendation for learning and development programmes, as part of the report’s implementation programmes, for the implementation teams and heads of affected departments or units that has ownership of the problem being resolved, since we also have exceedingly strong competence in this direction.

Some of these compelling learning and development courses include persuasive selling, how to transform rejection to sales opportunities, reviving lost customers, sales closing techniques, steps to call, cold calls, managing sales leads, key accounts and customer relationship management, territory and areas sales management, customer focused selling, etc.

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