Every client is keen on cutting down on operational cost to improve profitability. However, cost saving is a risk management process that involves a three-line of defence to drive cost low. The first lines of defence include management and internal controls at operations level. The second line of defence involves strengthening financial control, security of all vulnerabilities identified, quality control, inspection, and compliance risk management. The third level involves internal auditors. All levels of cost control must report to an assigned senior management and the Governing Board of the organisation.

As consultants, we are called upon at all three levels of controls. At all levels, however, we take a consultative approach to understanding pain-points. We look deeper to understand management control deficiencies and employee non-compliance to guidelines while reviewing supply chain activities and the consequences on assets, inventory and brand management.

The role of regulators and non-compliance to regulatory policies are examined while also reviewing best practices across strategic groups in the industry, locally and foreign, to evolve a strategic fit in operations best practice that can secure enduring performance for clients.

Cost cutting is a strategic approach. We avoid the status quo, manual procedure to integrating innovation through use of modern approaches to securing enduring cost savings for clients. Cost savings should not be a back and forth, trial and error process that end up with more costs and declining profitability. At Decision City, we work hard and smart to achieve excellent business outcomes.

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