We Analyse Social Media

The prevalence of smart phones on the market has created new media platforms and opportunities for both the technology companies that develop social applications, social media users, and organisations. Billions of users use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter daily. Millions others use LinkedIn pInterest, WhatsApp and a host of other social media applications across the world to communicate with family and friends.

Top users of these platforms are classified as Influencers, due to number of followership and consistency in posts that elicit broad discussions in general or narrow topics. Organisations are now seeing the benefits of signing up on social media.

Social media service is not the core operations of organisations. They may not obtain the best benefits from aligning with the new media. This service is usually outsourced for the most benefits. Moderators are often times not included on the media to facilitate the PR strategies of organisations. Where moderators are absent, commentators are at liberty to negatively criticise the organisation, its products and services. This can result in decline in customer long term value as well as prohibit new customer acquisition. Stale and bad news are like deep waters.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we take a consultative approach at all times. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments, including the social media platforms that the organisation signs up on. To avoid positioning as a sinking ship, social media management requires a distinct strategy formulation following detailed analysis of the various constituencies. Company information, notices, products and services, events and photos, videos, and other public relations (PR) collaterals are recommended to be featured across social media platforms to communicate what is ongoing at the firm to its external stakeholders. We help our clients to strategically position their products and services, brands, and corporate identities as well as report on the viability of the platforms and public perception of the organisation by deploying sentiment analytics.

Value is discovered at consultative phase and the project implementation phases. We design and implement the metrics for determining favourable and unfavourable dispositions toward your brand and challenge social media commentators to answer surveys and make comments about your brand. We then moderate and skew conversations toward guidelines and metrics generated. When we are done, we generate a report giving practical recommendations on how to improve brand positioning and interact with external stakeholders in the marketplace for improved visibility, revenues, and profits.

Value is communicated to all responsible managers and department to whom we are instructed to report to. We ensure clarity in all communications and obtain feedbacks on each progress made. We strive to ensure that metrics are agreed upon and abided by and the timeline for reports are adhered to.

We are usually pleased when our clients are satisfied with work done. Social media analysis provides our clients with the opportunity to determine how their brands are faring in the minds of the public. This is much more affordable than focused groups and approaching individuals on the streets for opinions on wide company areas of operations. Since buyers are always on the move and have adopted social platforms to converse with family and friends, we recommend regular analysis of conversations to determine if customers, clients and other external members of an organisation’s ecosystem are on the same page with company’s product-market directions.