We Develop Strategic Plans

At Decision City, we understand strategic management and strategy games to the roof! We, therefore, hold the ace in the creation and interpretation of strategic plans. Your most valuable strategic plans should guide how key assets are allocated, monitored and reviewed against the strategic templates, manoeuvres, options, positioning, wild cards, and playbooks of rivals over a short, medium and long term.

The purpose of a strategic plan is to have a guide to acquiring competitive advantages, sustaining performance, and aiding the survival of a business. Coming out of rhetoric, every business desires to increase its profits after tax (PAT), optimise cost by reducing cost to income ratio (CIR), increase quality interest-earnings assets, improve risk management, increase earnings per share (EPS) and cash reserves, improve brand value and corresponding equity, increase regulatory compliance, revenue-market diversification, market expansion through mergers and acquisitions, and the right talents to man the gates.

Because every firm pursues mentioned strategic objectives, the competitiveness of firms in marketplaces has reached feverish levels in such industries as banking, insurance, telecommunications, downstream oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transportation, foods and beverages, entertainment, etc. Since most industries are emerging globally, the characteristics of growing industries are similar, requiring multiple playbooks to combat the competition to grab the biggest share of the pie in a red ocean while not neglecting to innovate into a space free from rivalry – where the hush money rules!

To survive in today’s dog-eat-dog business environment, rivalry or competition now has metamorphosed into the art of war, where war games with endless strategic options to execute the common enemy standing between our share of the pie and extinction. And the Generals at war – Executive Directors – are more fortified today than ever in history, working with consultants with vicious ammunitions to counter every game played by rivals with underlying intention to cause the maddest wreckage and wins.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we take a consultative approach at all times. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments dynamics. We also understudy the changes in the market structure as it affects the immediate client project being undertaken by Decision City.

To evolve a playbook or a strategic plan, Decision City takes the part of broad consultation and reviews of the client’s 5-year financial statement and current contributions and practices across corporate, business, and functions. We speak with managers and heads of departments, units and teams to clarify how existing corporate strategies are implemented down the line to achieve every element of the client’s mission.

We work on understanding the micro and macro environments as well as industry complexities by developing actionable goals that syncs with the purpose of the plan. To this end, we evaluate the impact of the variables of the environments external to the client organisation, through external research and analysis. We critique the political, economic, socio-cultural, technology, legal and ecology and relate how these impacts on the goals of the client organisation whilst formulating strategies to engage and manage the risk resulting from the external environment.

We also conduct internal analysis of the client organisation to determine the adequacy of quality assets and business process. We sync findings to the planned goal and then move on to conduct industry analysis and value chain analysis to evaluate backward and forward supply chain integration methodologies, share of market, brand positioning, customer responsiveness and loyalty, as well as the current and future planned moves of the competition.

The findings from the thorough three-pronged approach are converged to formulate new corporate, business, functional, and tactical strategies across the entire client organisation, as well as the development of new business policies.

The report of the process is developed in conjunction with the strategic plan document and delivered to the relevant personnel whom we are assigned to report to, based on the terms of contract.

We also typically make recommendation for strategic planning retreats and change management programmes. Using the new strategic plan, we conduct change management engagements, consultations, negotiations, interviews, and learning and development programmes, as critical processes that form part of the planned implementation programmes, for the implementation teams and heads of affected departments or units that will have ownership of the plan, since we also have exceedingly strong competences in strategic management, change management, and learning and development.

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