At Decision City, we deliver business results via hands-on execution and leading teams through the complex change.

Strategy is “How” we work with clients to secure enduring results. We apply our strategic management competencies in defining client direction and how our best advise can be executed successfully to deliver on key business outcomes. We are able to develop actionable implementation models that involve qualified project teams.

Our descriptive and diagnostic strategies can include employee and customer behaviour observations, using non-traditional data sources such as may be obtained via social media platforms where your employees and customers converge regularly. Such high quality results are obtained through sentiment analysis. The future revenue per customer value can, thus, be forecasted using sentiment scoring as part of our predictive strategies.

Our prescriptive strategy involves the use of multiple what-if scenarios to evaluate expected outcomes as well as optimise decisions and actions. Our autonomous strategy is aimed at guiding clients to fully utilise artificial intelligence, where necessary, to optimise results.

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