We Collect And Analyse Big Data

Data is the backbone upon which modern societies are built. It is a critical differentiator in market leadership and the basis upon which successful private and public governance hinges. The ability to mine or collect, analyse, report on, visualise, and act on data available to individuals and organisations has, today, become a core competence and the basis for career, business, governance, and environmental sustainability. Data is collected or mined in two broad ways – primary and secondary. Primary data are not available; it must be sourced from relevant space(s), evaluated and used as a veritable element in individual and organisational decision making processes. Secondary data, on the other hand, are available in various forms and shapes.

Data is a critical element in decision making process in this 21st Century. Just think for a moment why collecting and analysing data is important – deepening competition in most industrial sectors and markets, changing buyer behaviours towards your products and services, open borders and the flood of substitutes due to globalisation and free trade, and potential new market entrants, including existing rivals, collecting intelligence about your corporate, business, functional and tactical strategies, as well as thefts of creativity and infringements on intellectual property rights,

Whilst primary research involves structuring and perfecting research methods as well as deepening the validity and reliability of data collection instruments, for appropriate measurements of assumptions and parameters enlisted, the competency is scarce – only readily available to academics and consultants. The task involved in evaluating thousands of research methods to determine the most appropriate and relevant to primary and secondary research is mind-boggling. Again, data cleansing makes getting the best out of research complicated to organisations and individual practitioners without research as a core competency.

How does Decision City Help? At Decision City, we bring our CORE EXPERTISE – mystery shopping, data collection and analysis – to bear in solving problems for individuals, organisations, and government. We work with clients to understand their data needs and go to work to gather information about sales and service, job performance, regulatory compliance, market-specific data, competitor data, product and service data, user data through mystery shopping or primary and secondary research. For primary research, we collect data through observation, surveys, polls, interviews, and focused groups, depending on client challenges. Data collected through primary and secondary data are first cleansed with Microsoft Excel and then exported to statistical software for analysis and visualisation, especially where Excel may not be wholly used in the technical analysis process.

Results obtained are then analysed based on problems to be solved. Typical corporate clients’ challenges are broadly classified into three groups – revenue problems, cost problems, and compliance problems. Governance problems include political, economic, social, cultural, technological, legal, demographic, and environmental problems. Based on our mandate, we have the competence to describe, diagnose, and predict the occurrence and impact of a problem while also prescribing actionable steps to resolve these problems.

At Decision City, value starts at the door. Clients discover value from us at consultative phase, design phase, review phase for control purpose, implementation phase, and reporting. When our reports are turned in, we are still available for further implementation consultation if we were, hitherto, only invited to report on problems and actionable steps to resolve problems, following big data collected, analysed, and visualised. So, you see…, value everywhere!

Communication is at the heart of our business processes at Decision City. We work hard to carry our clients along when we are invited to gather data. We work to agree on research, data gathering instruments, mode of analysis, and visualisation patterns applicable to client organisations. We make repeat visits to clients. We call, email and do all that are necessary to obtain inputs, buy-in and acceptance of the project outcome.

Our goal is to transform organisations through mystery shopping, data gathering and analysis, seeing that companies can do more if they work with Decision City to achieve critical business milestones. Data will surely aid employee compliance, improved sales revenues, profits, competitiveness, and business sustainability.

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