We Analyse and Design Websites

There are millions of websites on the Internet owned by individuals, businesses and governments with various top level domain names (TLDs) designed, hosted and positioned for various purposes – all targeting specific readers, users, and buyers, depending on whether the website is an eCommerce or eBusiness websites. A website is a complete organisation on the world wide web (www.). This is so because it is most often the first point of call for people to read about the firm and its services as well as obtain necessary contact information for new or future business interests. This makes the usability of websites of utmost importance to owners.

While websites are important contact points, many owners are unable to effectively position and maintain its usability and visibility. Modern design thinking is not deployed to improve its aesthetics, optimisation, navigation ability, and ranking on social media; neither does it integrate with social media platforms for effective communication with external stakeholders. Again, besides eCommerce website owners who understand the value of analytics, most eBusiness website owners are unable to relate to the cost-benefit of integrating analytics to improve user experiences neither are they willing to outsource website analytics management to developers.

How does Decision City provide help? At Decision City we take a consultative approach at all times. We work hard to speak with all concerned, review the micro and macro environments dynamics to discover web-based value and the quality of website needed by each client. We also understudy the changes in the client structure and operating processes as these affect the immediate client web analysis and design project to be executed by Decision City.

Clients get immediate value discussing design thinking with Decision City. We bring our VAST strategic organisational design (SOD) and 11 years of teaching and solving business problems, as consultants, for our numerous clients across industries. We understand strategic positioning and competition to the ROOF. Our outputs are usually WORLD CLASS. This website (www.decisioncity.net) is a proof of our works. Our portfolios include projects that are no longer live but whose domains are still being managed by us. These projects include www.bdconsultonline.com; www.acceleratorsafrica.com, www.brownstreetonline.com. Those live include www.greenlandsuitesng.com, www.decisioncity.net, www.yaadprofassociates.com, and www.nixxontravel.com.

Decision City communicates at every stage of a project. This provides clarity and gives our clients directions on where we are and the next phase of jobs to be executed. Most often, our clients leave us to decide on design and execution strategies, because of confidence and trust that we are able to deliver on quality expectations. We look forward to working with clients who will want to peer into every phase. We are strategic in our communication and project reporting. You’ll love the experience.

At Decision City, we turn around website design projects to give our clients the wao experience. We also deepen social media optimisation, integrate and manage analytics, train employees on how to respond to website visitors, create emails and manage setup on computers and mobile devices. Very important to our project is usability and website responsiveness across devices. The core of the transformation dwells on the return on investment (ROI) to our beautiful clients.